Tatva Geo Minerals

Contact Info:

Sweta Rajivkumar Shah
Email: reach.tatva@gmail.com
Phone: 440-870-0583
Tatva brings you articles made from minerals and gems stone. We mine/buy from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central Africa. Our very talented Congolese artisans’ hand-craft beautiful articles from them. Many other of our articles are crafted in India as well. These products make a beautiful piece for home decor and jewellery. We are proud to say that all our minerals are 100% authentic and conflict-free. Minerals/Rocks we bring to the table are Malachite, Clear Crystals, Citrine, Amethyst, Chrysocolla, Azurite and many other forms of quartz. Our objective is to connect people who value the rocks & minerals to people who are engaged in mining and designing it. This helps the local economy of Africa significantly.