Sher Berman Glass Beads

Lampworked glass beads. Designs using enamel powders, frits, meta leaf and shards – bead crochet jewelry.

Contact Info:

Sher Berman
Phone: 847-405-9981
I have a passion for beads in all its many forms. I create my own lampwork glass beads in my home studio in Illinois. I also do all the bead crochet from start to finish. I grew up in Highland Park, Illinois attending Highland Park High School. Every year they would have something called "Focus on the Arts" and I just loved that special time. The school would bring in professionals in all different fields of the arts. You could learn to use a camera, solder a ring or write a short story. I took all jewelry classes and was completely fascinated. That is when I knew I would use my creativity to create something unique. I went on to achieve a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Iowa and worked many years in Chicago as a graphic designer. I got married, had two wonderful children and then it was, well, now what? I took a lampworking class in Highland Park and absolutely fell in love with it. The minute the torch was lit, I knew it would be my calling. I now make glass beads and create bead crochet pieces in my home studio. I exhibit in about 15+ art shows around the Midwest. Please “like” me on Facebook at Sher Berman Glass Beads for updates on shows. Also follow me on Instagram at sherbeads.