Sabrina Mauer

My interest in jewelry making began as a challenge. I know that sounds odd, but in 2002 I worked at a stamp and scrapbook store. The owner of the store took a jewelry making class and thought it was so hard. Of course, I had to prove her wrong and signed us both up for another class at a different store. We both took the class, she learned it wasn’t that hard and I was hooked!! I had to learn everything, but I didn’t have the money for classes. So I sat down with some beading magazines and began teaching myself all these wonderful stitches. Before I knew it, I was teaching at that same store. The classes I teach are based upon my own designs and I write out instructions with diagram so they are understandable. I still teach classes, I’m still learning new techniques and I love being able to share my passion with beaders.

Contact Info:

Sabrina Mauer
Phone: 870-589-3189