Jewelry, Gems & Stones LLC

Great variety of cabs and stone slabs from rough stone material. Native American and Baltic Amber jewelry including pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and buckles. Faceted gems and gemstone beads.

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Carnes & Susan Barnes
Phone: 864-710-8354
We began our business several years back, really just as a hobby. Our hobby of gemstones grew so large that it became a business for us and a full time job for him. We do a lot of traveling to participate in bead shows and rock and mineral shows in the Eastern United States. We enjoy meeting new people everywhere we go and the travel is fun for the most part. When we are home, I have a "real" job and Carnes is always working with some rough stones, cabbing or polishing. We also like to sell Native American jewelry since it is made here in the US. Our pieces are new and also vintage. We are always looking for good stuff to add to our collection. We set out with the goal of understanding as much as we possibly can about the gemstone and jewelry products and materials that we have for sale. We like to know as much about the various jewelry pieces we can particularly the stories about where the gems originate from no matter where in the world they come from. We also are committed to educating and informing our valued customers and friends about the features of the pieces we sell particularly the Native American jewelry. Carnes has studied the intricacies of Vintage Native American jewelry and has the capabilities to identify authentic pieces from the many copies that exist in the market. We try to tell the story behind the piece or the gem or rock because everything has its own story. We regularly display images given to us by our contacts from these locations. Their lives are often so unique and exciting, far removed from those of ourselves and our customers.