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My bead product line consists of Philippine beads on 8” strands: wood, exotic shell and bone as well as loose shell and bone buttons. I also have assorted Indonesian glass, some gemstones, olive wood, Sono Wood, Wood Chain, Malas and some Columbian clay beads (all on 8″ strands).

I also have my own jewelry line, which is composed of a nice selection of unique earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I use mostly Hill Tribe & sterling silver, Ancient & Organic beads in my designs. I also carry a line of finished jewelry from Indonesia & Nepal. These pieces are made either with waxed linen and Hill Tribe silver or Japanese seed beads. At the current time, my website only contains my jewelry. I am in the process of re-vamping my wholesale & retail catalogs for my bead line. My company name, Truth Jackson comes from my actual name: Tracey Ruth Jackson. I thought it a clever play on words.

Contact Info:

Tracey Jackson
Email: tracey@korubeads.com
Phone: 757-282-9135
Website: truthjackson.com