I have always been a creator. Ever since I can remember I have used my skills and imagination to bring my inner worlds to life in the physical plane. I found my work can inspire others to be better people, to feel better, to see themselves in a brighter light and that in turn, is such an inspiration to me.

My art helps me bring outwardly and create my inner vision while it helps inspire others in so many ways. I feel very blessed to be given this gift of talent and I am so delighted to be able to share it with others and have it create a positive impact, no matter how small in the life of a complete stranger.

I am a self taught artist, in many ways this is a blessing as I am not confined by the proper and right ways of doing things, instead I am free to explore revolutionary new patterns and create new paths. I supliment my creativity by always furthering my knowlage with classes on new techniques, methods and theory though classes with the the artist I admire.

My art is a reflection of me, and I am a reflection of my environment; absolutely complete, yet always evolving.

My classes are designed to be a positive experience, simplifying even the most complicated methods by breaking down elements and techniques into easy to learn segments.

I like to share my vision and talents for capturing light through the tiniest of elements by teaching jewelry design and skill development workshops to others. You never know when you might have the opportunity to inspire someone’s true calling through a simple class.??

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