African beads from Ghana: Recycled glass beads, Krobo sandcast beads, Krobo painted glass beads. Waist beads/seed beads, Asante brass, wooden beads. African baskets from Ghana: Bolga elephant grass (straw) baskets, elephant grass tray, elephant grass bags, elephant grass hats, raffia tray, raffia baskets.

304 Laurens Way, Knightdale, NC 27545

I live in Knightdale, North Carolina. I always love beads and design necklaces as gifts for friends and my kids teachers. My love for beading heightened when my dad passed away in 2008. Beading became my source comfort and connection with my family in Ghana during the grieving period. With the advice of some friends, I turned this passion to business and established Sankofa Contemporary Beads which was later changed to Sankofa Ethnic Beads and Baskets . My goal is to introduce the African beads to beadlovers across the globe, and to educate people on the history and significance of these beads.