Gemstone Beads, Cloisonné Beads, Italian 14K Gold Jewelry, Beads, Chains And Findings, Coral beads, Copper Chains Stone & Cinnabar Pendants, Crystal Beads, Pearls, Lampwork, black gold vermeil, rose gold vermeil and green gold vermeil, Sterling and spooled metal chains. 36 inch long chain necklaces with or without Chinese crystals with eight different colors. Copper and silver two tone beads and caps,. 925 SS beads with black diamond or CZ’s. Copper with Chinese crystal beads –silver filled beads, Coral Beads, vermeil chains, durzy’s, Agates gold and silver leafs.

7040 Still Spring Hollow Dr., Nashville, TN 37221

Oriental Treasure, Inc, is one of the best bead suppliers in the Southeast of United States. We carry a large variety of gem stone beads, coral beads, pearls, turquoise, lamp work glass beads and silver findings.