Hand made, Fair Trade Ceramic beads from Kenya. Tierra Cast Beads and Findings, Leather bracelet cuffs, related kits and findings. All support the use of Kazuri Beads in jewelry designs.

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I have been a beader for over 20 years. My passion for beading started with my grandmothers button box which I had inherited. Not being a sewer, the box just got moved from place to place until I opened it one day to decide what to finally do with the contents. It had been a long time since I had gone through all the treasures inside and I realized I had a new eye for what the box contained. The buttons were so lovely, I couldn't leave them shut inside anymore. So, my first piece of jewelry emerged in the form of a pin with my favorite buttons attached. That was the beginning of an addiction that led me from making gifts, to craft shows and eventually my own bead store. I discovered Kazuri Beads at a show in 2005 and fell in love with the beauty of the beads and the story of the women who make them - so, in 2006, we became the first loose bead distributer in the U.S. through Kazuri America. The shop is now closed after 10 successful years, and our concentration is on the sale and promotion of Kazuri.