American Furnace Glass Beads and jewelry produced, hand-pulled, cut and tumbler Sterling Kits that work with my beads.

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Founded in 1983, Bergamini Beads is one of the earliest American
makers of Venetian Cane Glass, which was first developed in Italy in the
1600s. Rods of colored glass are twisted & pulled by two glass blowers
to 30 feet or more in length, then hand cut on a diamond saw and
polished to a high shine. Because of the complexity of this work, only a
handful of American artisans endeavor to make this kind of bead.

Bergamini Beads has always been a preferred supplier for jewelers
and designers due to our ability to offer brilliant and aesthetically
interesting color, superior quality glass finish and individualized customer

Bergamini Beads offers Latticino and Double Latticino styles while
also offering white core and transluscent Solids and Stripes in a standard
color palette as well as in ever-changing specialty runs. We offer Cubes,
4 types of Tubes, Slicers, Angle cuts, and Doublewide Slicers in the
largest size ranges commercially available - 1/4 inch to 1 1/4 inches.
We carry beads with very large to very small holes, each appropriate
for various types of design work. We offer beads in pairs and will
custom-pick bead orders on request. Each Bergamini Bead is a unique
little hand-worked piece of art and history, which means that whatever
you produce with them will be a one-of-a-kind creation.

Enjoy & Thank you for choosing our Beads!