Handcrafted Himalayan beads with sterling silver and semi-precious stones in
Nepalese and Tibetan designs-variety of brass beads and silver beads.

Website | 3120 Chadbourne Road, Shaker Heights, OH 44120

A World of Good was created in 1993, shortly after Jennifer Gerard returned from her first travels across China, Tibet, and Nepal. Jennifer brought back a small suitcase full of hand-made Nepalese crafts, including sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious stones, Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheels, singing bowls and traditional Himalayan beads. A few visits to American bead and jewelry shops convinced her that she had found rare and authentic items that people in the U.S. would enjoy. She now works with several US designers to create unique beads for their exclusive jewelry lines. Some of her beads have even ended up on the stage and in movies, such as 'Eat, Love, Pray.'

Jennifer, also known as Jeri, has a minor in Asian studies from The Ohio State University and spent 3 years working in Japan for the Japanese Ministry of Education. During that time she continued her studies in Asian arts, religion, and culture. At shows you will often find her explaining the symbolic significance of the pieces that she sells. It is worth while to stop by her booth just to hear her the tales of her intrepid travels. She loves to tell a story!

Over the past 20 years Jennifer has developed a close relationship with her suppliers, sending their children to school and building a library in the remote mountains of Nepal. Her goal is to provide you with ethically sourced handcrafted Himalayan beads while supporting the traditional artists of Nepal. You can learn more about her charitable works in Nepal and see the craftsmen and women who work with her in her video at http://shakerheights.patch.com/listings/a-world-of-good#video-12704847.