Learn to make a wet felted butterfly
Level of the project – Medium

2 hours class
2 pm – 4pm
fee $ 70 / including $ 20 of materials / 6 oz different types and colors of wool, plastic bubble wrap, wire /. Felting is an thousands of years old art, using different types of wool, silk , bamboo, exotic fibers etc. Only with your hands, soap and water, your are just about to create your unique felted butterfly with wired body. You can use it to make a brooch, add it to a necklace and much more. Why you should take this class:
First of all : It is easy , it is fun, it is a magic !!!
Second : You are going to learn a very new type of art. The possibilities are endless. With exactly same technique you can make flowers, free shapes and much more. What you save ? Retail price for a such beautiful hand made butterfly is $ 24, and you can have it for less than $ 2, with your unique colors and design. The only thing you have to bring is 2 small/medium towels and your curiosity.