Learn to make felted beads and shapes
Level of the project – Beginners

2 hours class
10 am – 12 pm
fee $ 70 / including $ 20 of materials / 6 oz different types and colors of wool, plastic bubble wrap /. Felting is an thousands of years old art, using different types of wool, silk , bamboo, exotic fibers etc. Only with your hands, soap and water, your are just about to create your unique felted beads and shapes. You can use them in your project by them selves, or combining with gem stones, glass beads and much more , to make one of kind piece of art. Why you should take this class:
First of all : It is easy , it is fun, it is a magic !!!
Second : You are going to learn a very new type of art. The possibilities are endless. What you save ? 1 cm round felted bead coasts on the market $. 15 – $. 50. Now you can have it for less then $ 0. 05 each, with your preferred color, shape and design. Project 1 – We are going to create round shaped beads – single color and multicolor. From the multi color beads, you will go further and create bead flowers. 10 am – 11 am
Project 2 – Bead robe – By using many different color of wool, we are going to create robe with cylindrical beads inside. From one robe, normally comes 30 beads. You will be amazed of you project. 11 am – 12 pm

The only thing you have to bring is 2 small/medium towels and your curiosity.