This 3 hour workshop will take students outside the basics and is designed for those who can work beyond fundamental finishing techniques. Students who have completed the `Design and Technique Basics` session are equipped with the skills to move smoothly throught this lesson. Students will learn to create sophistated designs equipped with skills to design, create and complete a combination of necklace, bracelet and earring sets using pendants and embellishments in their pieces. Advanced level students can work through double and triple multi-stranded designs with the guidance of the instructor. Basic wire and wrapped loop techniques will be introduced as well as using and creating their own pendants and embellishments for their necklace designs. Students will confidently complete a necklace/ bracelet and earring set. A free `Shopping Session` will be included after each class for interested students who want to learn more about the types and qaulity of beads as well as making `good choices` that will add to a useable and affordable inventory.