Pearl Power

How well do you know your pearls? Knowing the factors that determine a pearl’s worth will assist you greatly when it comes to acquiring your product wholesale. It will also save you time and money as you will be able to quickly distinguish which pearls will be worth your financial investment. So what factors determine […]

Industry Newcomers: Words of Advice

Starting a new business is stressful. For most of us, we have to invest our heart, soul and more money than we would like to spend in order to market our products and services. In the quest to manage a profitable beading company, you will have unique challenges that you must overcome. However, like any […]

Tips On Naming Your Beading Business

So you’re taking the big plunge into the world of entrepreneurship! Or perhaps you are thinking about taking the plunge later and mapping out your steps before you actually begin the legal process. Either way, owning your own business can be very rewarding. It kind of reminds me of having a baby. Your idea goes […]

How to Have A Successful Booth Exhibit

Are you just starting out in the beading industry? Is your first trade show exhibit coming up soon? Or perhaps you have been in the industry for years but would like to add more traffic to your booth. If you fit into either of these scenarios please read on. Almost everyone that I have ever […]

Getting the Most Out Of Your Material

It’s a beautiful thing to work in a profession where creativity is your bread and butter. However, like most beautiful things in the world today, your work comes at a price. In fact, the materials you use for your projects (handmade unique beads, diamonds, crystals, precious stones and gems) are some of the most expensive […]